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Building Foundations is a non-profit program that empowers youth to make their dreams into realities. We partner with local organizations to provide tutoring, mentoring, job placement and business leadership opportunities tailored to assist each individual. Leadership, entrepreneurship, and life skills are important to us. We continuously invite guest speakers in to discuss such topics such as education, drug and violence prevention, technology, liberal arts, self-esteem, healthy habits, counseling and decision making; seminars covering marketing, accounting, community service, dressing for success.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower youth. Building Foundations wishes to promote and enhance the lives of teens, enabling them to make correct decisions while broadening their lives through technical training, business leadership and opportunities to achieve their own success story.


Our Goals

  • The goal of this foundation is to develop a comprehensive staff development and training program to assist adult in the community with life skills to assist with finding a job.

  • The foundations goal is to offer a safety net for women & families who are homeless and to help mitigate the factors that contribute to homelessness.

  • The foundations goals are to assist foster children with the tools they need to function day to day.

  • The foundations goals is to assist the community with specialized services focusing on foster care assistance and community involvement.


Our Objective

  • To serve 300 families each fiscal year 

  • We will develop an effective training manual, methods, and materials for paid instructors and volunteers.​

  • 90% of foundation guests will receive one-on-one case management



Our Outcome

  • 60% of participants will be placed link community resources.

  • 85% of clients will successfully complete their individualized program.

  • At least 20 participants will advance assistance

Interested in supporting us?

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